The Kennett Gray Sox

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The Kennett Gray Sox
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The Kennett Gray Sox were an independent semi-pro black baseball team that was founded in 1924 by Thorton “Tunk” Lee one of leading pitchers of from the Kennett area. The “Colored All Stars:” had been founded about 1920 or 21 and folded in 1923. The Gray Sox filled the void left by the All Stars. Money was tight for the “Tunk’s” Gray Sox. “We held minstrel shows to make money,” stated Lee. Eddie Gottlieb of Philadelphia contributed to the team.

Opponents of the day included the “Philadelphia Red Caps (Pennsylvania Railroad), Judy’s Johnston’s Alco Flashes of Wilmington, Del., the Cheyney Progress Club and Elton, Md.” When Lee stopped coaching the Sox, the team soon folded. While Lee would go on to manage the Avondale AA from 1935-38. The void was temporarily filled by the Brotherhood of the Baptist League which played at the old Herb Pennock memorial Park.

The 1940’s saw the rebirth of the Grey Sox with “Tunk” Lee and Harry Webster running the team in the now defunct Kennett Community League. In 1947 Gray Sox catcher Harold Carter was the MVP and Lee Wesley was the MV Pitcher. The Sox won two championships and won six halves before they ended their run. Overall they were 84-49 in the Community League. In the 1970’s the Gray Sox came to life for a third time with the efforts of “Rusty” jones. For two years they played in the now defunct West Chester Adult Baseball League as an integrated team known as the Grey Sox III. Remember the Gray Sox the most famous black baseball team in Chester County history.

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