Thomas “Jake” Cauller

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Thomas “Jake” Cauller
Basketball • Coatesville

Thomas “Jake” Cauller was raised in Coatesville and graduated from Scott Sr. High School in 1956. While in high school, he was a very good basketball player but after graduating, he played softball for the Presbyterian church in Coatesville. He was a position player, not a pitcher.

In 1957, he stated pitching for Wagontown’s Union Chapel. While pitching for Wagontown, he won three State Championships. He was noted as being a very mild-mannered individual until he got to the pitching rubber where he was very intense and competitive.

After 1963, the team left the local church league and joined the Class A Conestoga Valley League and played as the Wagontown Flyers. He pitched and won the Class A State Championship for Wagontown. He also pitched and won a Class A State Championship for Honey Brook. His teams were always in a battle for first place. Besides pitching, he played first base and was one of the best hitters on each team he played for. While he was pitching, if anyone made an error, he never let it bother him. He would just say “We’ll get ‘em.” He was the same person, win or lose; he never showed his emotions.

He played for other local teams including the famous Watters Trucking Team. Jake’s biggest thrill was beating the two top pitchers in Pennsylvania. He beat Flatiron of Philadelphia’s George Ulmer 1-0 in 15 innings and drove in the only run. He also beat Ty Staufflet 1-0 and 2-1 in a double-header. Two years later, Staufflet was rated on of the top pitchers in the state.

Jake also hit a home run off Eddie Feigner of the King and his Court. Jake sometimes pitched for three teams at the same time He would pitch 35 to 45 games a year. During his 30-year pitching career, he tossed two perfect games and seven no-hitters. Jake won over 600 games and batted over .300 each year, plus led his team in home runs. He retired at age 45. Both he his wife died a month apart in 2003.

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