PICO, the Parkesburg Iron Co. basketball team

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The Parkesburg Iron Co. basketball team
Basketball • Parkesburg

If the baseball team was good, then the basketball team was FANTASTIC. This semi-pro five, made up mostly of Eastern League stars, had a 71-2 record before it disbanded because of lack of competition and a ruling against this "outlaw" team by the president of the Eastern League. In its first season, (1919-20), the team won 35 and lost 2 (West Chester and Coatesville). Three later victories over West Chester revenged their early 30-29 triumph.

The Coatesville defeat came at the old Skating rink on Fleetwood Street (21-30), but thanks to Herb Steen, the PICO team gained an easy 39-8 win in a very rough game. Steen engaged "Kid" Dark, the Coatesville star, in a fight that eliminated both from the game and ended play between the two teams. Both sides feared a riot would result from a playoff series.

The Eastern League presidential ultimatum "not to play Parkesburg" found it difficult for manager, Robert W. Thomas to schedule top-notch teams. PICO won all of its thirty-six games in 1920-21 and had a record of 45 straight victories when it closed the season. The iron company sponsored an amateur team the following year. All the players were from this area.

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