Joe Nagy

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Joe Nagy Sr.
Bowling • Chester County

Joe Nagy Sr. is one of the greatest bowlers in the Chester County area. In 1993, at age 75, he compiled a bowling average of 202. Most of his achievements came in the 1950’s and 1960’s. In 1996 he and his son Joe Jr. rolled a 1368 scratch total. He holds championships in various tournaments all over Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. He was the doubles Champion in the 1987 P.S.B.A. Seniors Tournament He has rolled at least three 300 games and his list of 700 series are too many to count. He was inducted into the Philadelphia Hall of Fame in 1981 and has been an outstanding bowler for over 40 years. He is also entered into the Pennsylvania State Bowling Hall of Fame. In 1952 he was one of only 197 bowlers who rolled a 300 game from an ABC membership of 1.6 million bowlers natonwide. He received a gold ring for each 300 game he bowled. The ABC does not give out gold rings anymore, they make you buy them. Bowling a perfect game is similar to a pitcher in baseball throwing a perfect game. According to informaton provided by Joe’s family, he has bowled 25 perfect games. Not all were sanctoned, but many were and that is a great feat no mater. His frst 300 game was in 1944. According to informaton provided, he had another in 1946, two in 1947, one in 1952 one in 1956. The 1985 copy of the Coatesville Record Newspaper indicates that he has indeed bowled 25 perfect games. It would be impossible to name all the awards and trophies he has won. The fact that he bowled for over 40 years is quite an accomplishment in itself. This man is more than qualifed to be a member of the Chester County Sports Hall of Fame. Also, he is the frst bowler chosen.

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